City-Wide Meeting October 2015

On October 26, 2015 the Community Law Center (CLC) and four community associations held a city-wide meeting to address nuisance and vacant properties. The meeting was the result of a decision by the CLC and the associations to build on the momentum following a landmark lawsuit against the owner of more than 50 vacant, dangerous and uninhabitable properties within their communities.

The originally planned location for the meeting had to be changed due to overwhelming response. However, even that space was not as large as we could have used – many responses from a survey at the end of the meeting noted the need for more space. Clearly, nuisance and vacant properties are a major concern of city residents.

Discussing strategies for nuisance and vacant properties

During the meeting we held break-out sessions with different groups meeting concurrently. The objective was to get input from residents about issues on a number of topics so that the RENEW leadership can establish short-term (year 1) and long-term (years 2-4) objectives and activities that are a reflection of the concerns of residents.

The topics addressed during the break-out sessions were:

  • Revitalization Efforts
  • Public Policy Reform
  • Relationship with City¬†Agencies
  • City Owned Properties
  • Establishing an Organizational Structure
  • Identifying Key Organizational Activities
  • Name for our Organization

At the conclusion of the meeting we passed out a survey for further input from residents. You can view the survey responses in the attached PDF.

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