Baltimore Urban Debate League

On Tuesday August 16, 2016 Renee Stainrod, Joyce Smith and Lowell Larsson met for 90 minutes with about 60 Baltimore City students who are in the Baltimore Urban Debate League. In the coming year the students will be debating strategies for addressing vacant houses in Baltimore. Strategies they will explore include the Vacants to Value program and Community Land Trusts.


To help the students prepare for their debates, Baltimore RENEW leaders were asked to talk about the issue of vacant properties from our perspective and hear what steps we have taken and plan to take in the future to address the problem.

We were impressed with the attention the students gave to our presentation and the quality of the questions that the students asked. The problem of nuisance and vacant properties has been a long-standing problem and will continue to be a defining issue for Baltimore in the future. It was gratifying to experience the level of interest the students had for something that they will be addressing as they become leaders in our city in the future.

At the conclusion of our presentation we were presented with Baltimore Urban Design T-shirts and bags. Thank-you for the T-shirts and bags and the experience of working with you!


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