Who We Are

Residents and community associations from across Baltimore City have come together to form Baltimore RENEW, a city-wide community association, to address nuisance and vacant properties. RENEW’s work is done by volunteers led by volunteer board members.


  • President Lowell Larsson
  • Vice President Joyce Smith
  • Secretary (Vacant)
  • Treasurer Chauncey Carter
  • Members
    • Mike Hilliard
    • Robert Hunt
    • Gavin Schmitt
    • Mark Washington

Our Mission
Baltimore RENEW is the city-wide community association tackling our nuisance and vacant property crisis.

The Issue
The problem of vacant properties plagues neighborhoods across Baltimore. These nuisance properties decrease neighborhood property values, increase crime, pose fire hazards, attract trash and rodents, and decrease quality of life in our communities.

Our Unique Role
We know that we cannot address nuisance, vacant properties one by one, or even neighborhood by neighborhood. We need comprehensive efforts across ALL neighborhoods in Baltimore City to address the problem of vacant properties.

A recent landmark lawsuit brought by six community associations from across the City showed the power that united communities can bring to bear on the issue of vacancy. The lawsuit held accountable Scott Wizig, the owner of more than 100 vacant properties, uniting geographically disparate neighborhoods toward a common goal. It provides an example for how Baltimore RENEW, as an advocate for all neighborhoods in Baltimore City, can use legal tools like the Community Bill of Rights to fight vacancy and abandonment. Owners of vacant properties in Baltimore should be on notice: We will hold you accountable. Scott Wizig was only the first vacant property owner we chose for this effort; you may be next if you do not clean up your properties.